2019 Workshops with Shirley Sinclair


Shirley is ready to help you with all those

new projects you have been dreaming about

in her casual embroidery


Shirley specializes in ribbon embroidery, but enjoys

a wide range of embroidery styles and is happy to help

you with other projects also.

You may simply want to learn some basics to get you started.

Shirley has endless ideas and creativity and will make you feel

very at ease with her patience and generosity.


Ladybug Blanket


Casual Embroidery Workshops

2.5 hour Sessions

Fee: $37.50 per session plus materials


Tuesday Dates:

22 January 5, 19 February, 5 19 March, 2, 16 April,

7, 21 May, 4, 18 June, 2, 16 July, 6, 20 August, 3, 17 September,
1, 15 October, 19 November, 3, 17 December.

Time: 1pm to 3.30pm




Ladybug Jacket


Rosebud Boottee


Ladybug Boottee


Rosebud Blanket

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